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Chilkat Zip Class Library for VC++  v.12.3

The Chilkat Zip C++ class library can be used with Microsoft Visual C++ 6.

COMM-DRV++  v.1.0

Easy to use professional serial communication C++ class library for Windows. COMM-DRV++ allows you to accomplish your serial communication task literally in minutes after installation.


E-XD++ Diagrammer Enterprise  v.15.01

E-XD++ Library for MFC by UCanCode.Net Software, an C++ class framework that provides your applications with a drawing surface for diagramming, symbol manipulation, drag and drop, scrolling, zooming, and many other graphics capabilities.


ODBC2CSHARP - Convert ODBC table information into a c# class and a ready to use Visual Studio 2003 project that takes advantage of the class to provide a windows application to read, query, update and print records from your database. All in less than 5

IBM 000-M30 Free Training

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Time Series API

Time Series API is a professional C++ class library for simulating (backtesting) and deploying financial trading strategies as well as general purpose time series modelling. The library is a stand-alone time series engine that can be extended via a

PingUtil  v.0.9

A graphical Windows ping utility written in C# that allows you to log and graph ICMP respones from multiple hosts. Includes a C# class library for ICMP and ping to use in your own program. Ability to ping flood (i.e.

Blitz++ Library  v.0.9

Blitz++ is a C++ class library for scientific computing which provides performance on par with Fortran 77/90.

CIniFile  v.1.0

CIniFile is a C++ class to read and write inifiles in microsoft ini format.

CPPLapack  v.2010.03.27

CPPLapack is a c++ class wrapper for BLAS and LAPACK.

CPPScaLapack  v.2004.01.31

CPPScaLapack is a C++ class wrapper for PBLAS and ScaLAPACK with MPI.

CSharp MARC  v.rc

C# class structures for reading and manipulating Library of Congress MARC records using the MARC21 standard.

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